Meeting with your needs
As an long-haul airline pilot, you know LAX as your second home and you're always looking for new excursion opportunities. You know flying around, alone or with your crew, would be an unforgettable experience !

However :
- you don't want to hold another pilot licence involving training, checkout, medical certificate, recurrent revalidation... just for flying once in a while
- you haven't flown small planes since your training long time ago and you don't feel really confident in your ability to handle an emergency
- you don't want to put your own ATP licence at risk by missing a radio call or a restricted airspace boundary in the highly congested LA airspace
- you can't afford to stay grounded far away from your hotel for weather or technical reasons !
- you don't want to put your life in the hands of a young time-building pilot who will try to impress you with his flying skills
- you don't want to rent a car to go to the nearest airfield
- you don't want to loose time in traffic jams to go to the airfield

All these reasons are highly understandable, and as airline pilots and general aviation enthusiasts ourselves, we know the deal. This is why we offer a dedicated package for airline pilots on layover, because you have very specific needs.

Our offer
- No need to get a specific US pilot license : you can get an easy FAA equivalence based on your foreign licence.
- No need to masterize the art of gliding a Cessna : our flight instructors do it all day long with their students.
- No need to put your airline pilot license at risk : our flight instructor will be happy to put his own license on the edge !
- No chance you'll miss your next commercial flight : if you're stuck on the ground, we will rescue you with a car and we will fly back the airplane later.
- No chance you'll find yourself worried by the flying skills of your pilot : we only work with highly experienced flight instructors... and anyway, you will fly the plane !
- No need to rent a car : we pick you up at your hotel.
- No waste of time : Torrance airport is a few minutes drive from most flight crew hotels.

Please give another good reason not to fly with us, and we will be happy to find a good answer to convince you ! ;)


What is within which range ?

Easy "lunch trips" :
- Santa Barbara
- Big Bear ski resort
- San Diego
- Santa Catalina island
- Chino or Mojave (for aviation geeks !)

Day trips :
- Las Vegas
- Death Valley
- Any combination of the above destinations !


You don't want/need a flight instructor in your plane ?
That's fine, we can rent you the plane at an hourly rate. Please find our detailed rates on our "Go Solo !" page.
You'll need to hold a valid FAA license (foreign-based or standalone), have passed a BFR in the last 24 months, and a check-out with one of our flight instructors.
We will be happy to handle your BFR renewal when needed.

Our standard "airline pilot checkout" focuses on the following :
- LA airspace, rules & VFR chart reading
- Handling single-engine emergencies
- Landing techniques for light-weight low-inertia airplanes
- High density altitude effects on light airplanes
Rates valid mai 2016. Euro rates are provided for your convenience based on the conversion rate as of mai 1st 2016, however all payments will be made in US dollars and we don't garantee the conversion rate at time of billing.
   Hourly cost  EURO cost
 Hotel pick-up near Torrance  Free  Free
 Pre-flight briefing  Free  Free
 Cessna 177 wet with all nav & safety equipment  $ 149  € 130
 Flight instructor rate  $ 75  € 66
 Parking, handling, landing fees That's on us !
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