How to proceed
As you are a pilot, you know the deal about planning a flight. However, you're not familiar with South-West America and you want to enjoy every minute of your trip.

We need to know :
- The places you want to see, how long you want to fly
- The plane you want to use
- The type of accomodation you want
- Your flight experience and licences
- Any other information you consider useful
We will get back to you with a tailored trip proposition.

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Be aware that the final rates can significantly vary depending on your flight options and decisions.
We provide approximate costs below (not including catering/hospitality/ground transportation), please contact us for a detailed and accurate proforma.

Our rates are based on the following :
   Cost per flight hour  Cost per day  Cost in EURO
 Cessna 172 wet with all nav & safety equipment  $ 180     170
 Our guide    $ 300   280
 Parking, handling, landing fees depends on your selection
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