Have you ever dreamed of visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas ? Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley ?

Road trips are nice. Flight trips are way better, especially when you fly the plane !

This is what we offer. Jump to the left seat, take your family with you, and push the throttle. It's that easy.
We'll take care of everything else.

Time to plan your next holidays. It's gonna be well beyond your expectations.

Operating out of Torrance airport (Los Angeles county), we rent airplanes and provide training and assistance services.

Our services are specifically designed for :

- foreign private pilots coming in California for holidays, looking for stress-free flying options

- airline pilots on lay-over at LAX, looking for fun rides & easy day-trips

- passengers subject to fear of flying and looking to overcome it by attending a tailored technical training.

We take care of you. No hassle, only fun.
You fly the plane, we handle everything else.

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